While the packaging is mainly used by organisations to keep their products safe from damage during transit, it serves many other important purposes.

Bespoke packaging, for example, is custom-designed packaging that is unique to a certain business’ brand. This kind of packaging is usually associated with luxury brands and could make your product more appealing and desirable. By hiring the services offered by creative professionals and printing services, Fulham clients will have an unboxing experience that will encourage them to return to your brand again and again. Below are other benefits that come from using bespoke packaging.

1. Reduced returns and damages

When your packaging is specifically designed for your brand, the chances of it not fitting your product perfectly are reduced, making it unlikely that the packaging is going to be damaged. Packaging that fits your product perfectly will also eliminate the need for in-fill material, which would normally increase costs.

Packaging that does not fit properly also increases the chances that the product is going to sustain damages such as dirt, wear, and tear.

2. Increased customer loyalty

With bespoke packaging, you can send custom packages and gift boxes to clients with personal details such as their names, which will make them feel more appreciated. A good example of bespoke packaging done right is Coca Cola, who produced soft drink packaging with the names of customers on the front.

3. Reduced costs of operation

Bespoke packaging made to the specifications of your products will reduce wastage, saving you the costs of unnecessary materials. Packages without bespoke packaging would also take up more space when being delivered, incurring you higher transport costs.

For custom-made designs and printing in Fulham, feel free to contact our support team, who will be ready to help you make the best packaging decision for your business. We’re a printing shop Fulham businesses can count on for all their corporate and gift box requirements.

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