There are many ways to advertise your business from social media to direct response, but one area which is often overlooked by small businesses is using good old fashioned posters to get your message out.

When used correctly, a well thought out poster campaign is a powerful and cost-effective way to increase brand awareness for your product or service. So when you’re planning your next promotional or brand awareness campaign here’s four reasons why you should consider adding posters into the mix.


Creating a poster campaign is inexpensive and can be more effective than other forms of brand building such as print or radio. Poster campaigns are also relatively quick to create, so the whole campaign can move from concept to delivery within a few days. At Vizability Media Group we create graphic designs companies love to show out about. Our high-impact designs have featured on the streets of Fulham and beyond, advertising everything from night club events to store openings.

Create an impact

There is no better way to create an impact than with a poster campaign. Clever use of imagery can be used to create a powerful message which is imprinted into the mind of your customer. This will help you build brand awareness much faster and cost-effectively than using other types of print and digital media.

More engaging

Just because they are two dimensional, doesn’t mean posters can’t engage your customers directly. You can use a poster campaign to send customers to your Facebook page or direct to your website. One effective way of doing this is to print a special offer code for customers to use, then direct them to your website using a QR code.

Better audience targeting

Poster campaigns are also a great way to target a specific audience. You can put posters up in neighbourhoods where your audience is located to target them specifically. In fact, before the internet came along, poster campaigns were regarded as one of the best ways of targeting an audience.

Vizability Media Group is your one-stop-shop for graphic design and printing in Fulham.

Our team of designers has created many posters, website, brochures and business cards that companies have used to build high-impact brand awareness campaigns. So get your next poster campaign off to a great start by contacting Vizability Media Group today on 0207 736 7910 or complete our contact form here.