Over time, professionals tend to gather a huge amount of business cards for a range of businesses; so standing out in that pile could be the key to helping you land new clients and keep them coming back for more.

In the grand scheme of things, a business card tends to be a very small, insignificant piece of card. For a lot of businesses, they end up vaguely the same – a white card, with a tiny logo and how they can get in touch with you printed in black.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re looking for printing in Fulham that can help your business’ branding, read on for our top tips on helping your business card stand out.

Simplicity over a crowded design

Achieving a good business card design means finding a balance between your design elements and empty space. Whilst it’s true that your business card needs to display a lot of information in a very small, compact manner, that doesn’t mean you should fill every millimetre of your business card.

Good use of empty space can be the difference between a card that’s remembered, and one that just gets thrown in the bin when you aren’t looking.

Modern day touches

Businesses don’t just communicate by phone, email or post anymore. If you use social media as part of your marketing strategy, why not direct potential clients to these pages too?

Choose your colours wisely

Of course, making sure your business card colour scheme matches your branding is important – but you can use these colours for the greater good and make your card stand out in the stack of dreary white ones. Fortunately, the Vizability Media Group printing shop can help you with that! Why not opt for a solid and bright background colour? Alternatively, if a bright colour isn’t quite your thing, perhaps you should consider printing a bold black background instead?

When you’re looking to get new business cards printed, make sure you get in touch with the print experts here at Vizability Media Group.

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