London is a thriving global hub for business, so doing what you can to stand out is essential. This not only allows your brand to be more distinctive for consumers but also makes it unique from your competitors as well. Many businesses in London will now be planning strategically for 2020 as the current year draws to an end. Many will still aim to use the best printing services Fulham has to offer as one way to connect with people. Metallic ink is one element which you could incorporate in your brand’s printed material to really make it pop.

But what makes it so effective in terms of enhancing your business printing?

Awesome shine and colour

If you want your business printing to make a big impression, metallic inks are a great choice. They have more shine and colours with extra vibrancy when compared to standard inks. This means that your flyers, brochures or business cards will make a real impact when handed out.

Lets you highlight key details

Another great way these inks enhance your printing is by allowing you to effectively highlight key sections in it. Metallic inks will help lettering jump off the page and be easily seen by anyone who reads it. You may, for example, have a section on your printed material showcasing an amazing special offer. By using metallic inks there, you will help people see and remember it.

Great value for money

All businesses will be looking to get the best value for money when having any promotional materials printed. Metallic inks hit the spot here as they have the high-end look of more expensive processes but actually cost less. This means you get superb results without spending as much compared to something like foil stamping.

Digital printing Fulham businesses will love

If you are looking for top-class business printing in Fulham, call today on 0207 736 7910. At Vizability Media Group, we work with our clients to produce fabulous printed materials which help their business grow. Get in touch today for more details on how metallic inks can do just that.

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