At Vizability Media Group, we’ve spent the last 35 years building the best possible offering for professional printing in Fulham. That means that when it comes to graphic design, we’ve seen the good, the bad (and even the ugly).

Luckily, we’re operating in an ever more beautiful world. Since our humble beginnings in the eighties, everyone has improved their design skills to beautiful effect. But does this mean that everyone has hired their own personal graphic designer? Absolutely not. It just means that the graphic design tools available are getting easier to use.

We’ve collected a few of our favourite online design tools to help make your print materials stand out.

Design Tool 1: Canva

This is a real powerhouse of a design tool. For starters, the user interface is so intuitive that you can make something truly beautiful on your first go. With a free account, you’re given access to hundreds of different designs. If you see something you like, you can easily change the copy, the colours (to your exact brand colours – more on that below) and imagery to whatever you please.

Then all you need to do is send the design to us, and we’ll provide you with the highest quality printing in Fulham.

Design Tool 2: Image Color Picker

If you’ve started using Canva and want to choose your business card’s colours based on a photo or other designed image, simply upload that image into Image Color Picker. Then click on the part of the image you want to emulate and it’ll give you the hex code (that’s the code to define a specific colour in digital printing).

Design Tool 3: Pexels

Sometimes, you need a stock photo to help visualise your brand. If that’s the case, we like Pexels. It gives you access to free images (simply credit the photographer) and the best part is that they avoid cheesy stock photo cliches. Can’t find the perfect photo? Life of Pix is another great option.

What kind of design tools do you use in your print materials? Let us know in the comments below.

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