Having genuine connections with your customers give you a distinctive advantage amongst your competitors. However, in this sea of competitive marketing, how can you set yourself apart and define your brand identity?

It’s so much more than just customising your website design or creating trendy graphic designs. Building a brand identity should not only include visual appearance but should also include how your brand speaks to your customers. Read on to find out how you can bring your brand identity to life!

1. Simplify Your Logo

Does your logo clearly communicate who you are as a brand? Creating a logo that makes a lasting impression on your audience is not enough. A successful logo clearly communicates your unique selling point, while staying in line with your industry’s standards.

In 2019 we see the major brands simplifying their branding with a more classic approach for a clean and contemporary look while retaining a unique and authentic message. Some leading brands that have simplified their branding with greater impact are:

  • Deliveroo
  • Vistaprint
  • Amazon
  • Airbnb

2. Interactive Mobile Responsive Website

Having a strong online presence multiplies your client prospects and lead opportunities. No matter your type of business, you want to develop an informative, mobile Responsive Website that strongly states why your audience should do business with you.

Good content paired with video and interactive features is all the craze of 2019. We’re now moving from the traditional ‘static’ website to a moving page that surprises and delights your visitors. It’s really the interactive approach that really drives people to engage and take action in getting in touch or buying your product or service.

Here are some beautifully designed interactive websites that we love.

3. Get ‘Moving’ with Email design

Sliding into your audience’s inbox isn’t easy, since they are more likely to read through an email if it catches their attention at a glance. With email campaigns delivering the highest return on investment, it’s definitely an important strategy to incorporate into your 2019 marketing plan.

Firstly, consider the purpose of your email to ensure you have the best design strategy. Like websites, we see leading brands taking a much simpler approach, using text only interactive designs to send the message. Video has also achieved high engagement to email campaigns and serves as a tremendous benefit to getting your message out with best engagement. More Email Design Tips

4. Interactive Business cards

Business Cards are one of the key elements of that “introduction” phase of any business meeting or deal. Printing well-designed business cards gives you the opportunity to establish a positive opinion in the eyes of potential customers, especially if you’re aiming for genuine business relationships.

While the trends are all about keeping it simple whilst stressing your company logo and key personal details, don’t be afraid to add bold colour and interactive finishing consistent with your branding. You can foil it, fold it, layer it, give it a soft velvety coating on it and so much more. More Print Design Tips

5. Think Experience with Product packaging

Having an effective product packaging is all about the unboxing experience. With the right graphic design, quality materials, finishing and textures you can easily bring your brand identity to life. Additionally, it’s not worth mentioning packaging in 2019 without sustainability. Consumers are now making purchases with consideration of fully recyclable ‘no guilt’ packaging. Merging great design and sustainability will not only attract prospective customers but also drive loyalty and repeat purchases. More Packaging Design Tips

If you’re looking for a reliable print and creative service provider to help your brand gain a more competitive edge, Vizability Media Group should be your next choice. We are based in the heart of Fulham, London specialising in services focused on digital printing, graphic design, websites, signage and photography whilst creating a unique one on one customer experience. Browse through our website to see the services we offer to start a project with us today.

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