Sustainability Policy

Vizability Media Group's Dedication to Sustainable Printing.

Dedicated to Sustainable Practices

At Vizability Media Group, our aim is to minimise our environmental footprint by embracing sustainable measures. We focus on innovative material sourcing, eco-friendly paper options, and waste reduction and recycling to enhance our sustainability for clients and the community. We exclusively utilise FSC® certified paper and card materials from responsibly managed sources. Our print production is strategically scheduled and nested to minimise waste. Following an energy review of our premises, we have implemented efficiency improvements where possible. We consistently introduce new technology and materials that benefit the environment and recommend sustainable materials to our clients, while also enhancing product longevity for reusability. In cases where plastic alternatives are unavailable, we suggest PVC-free materials and can source reclaimed or biodegradable options when required. Our delivery van is fully electric, and we actively collaborate with local businesses and the community to promote ethical print production practices. We are constantly working to enhance our sustainability efforts and welcome suggestions to help us improve.

Key Areas

Our current improvements are centred around four key areas:


We encourage clients to consider green products, empowering them to make informed decisions about their printing needs.


We seek innovative solutions to minimise waste, such as utilising environmentally friendly inks and investing in print technology that conserves paper.


We continuously strive to enhance our environmental considerations. This includes reducing plastic usage in production and expanding our eco-friendly range.

Our Eco-Friendly Papers

If you’re interested in adopting a sustainable alternative to your preferred paper stock, we can help you find the ideal eco-friendly solution for your print project. Our environmentally friendly paper options include recycled, plastic-free, carbon-neutral, and FSC® certified materials.

Delivery Improvements

Our local deliveries are made using our new all-electric van.

Our Commitment to FSC® certified Sustainable Sources

We believe everyone should be concerned about the origin of their paper and wood products. That’s why we guarantee that all materials we source come from sustainably managed forests. Regrettably, some printers and companies still use materials from unsustainable sources, but we assure our clients that our materials are sourced responsibly.

Working with Clients on Sustainable Best Practices

We understand that change can be difficult, but we are here to help you make informed choices about your printing requirements. We offer alternatives to both materials and products themselves, and we’re always available for guidance and advice. Over the years, we’ve developed many eco-friendly alternatives and converted numerous materials to greener options.

Our equipment providers, primarily Xerox and Roland, maintain their own environmental initiatives to minimise the carbon impact of their technology.

Affiliations and Certifications:

VMG are Members of Two Sides & Love Paper

Two Sides is a non-profit organisation established in 2008 to research and disseminate information about the environmental issues surrounding paper and print. The group advocates for eco-friendly practices and represents businesses involved in the graphic communications supply chain, from forestry to design, print, and delivery. As a full member of Two Sides, VMG abides by the Two Sides Principles, which outline strict best practice standards for members.

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