The colour you select when developing your brand identity has a significant impact on the way a business is perceived by potential customers. Even if you are not aware of it, colours evoke emotional responses which influence our choices and perceptions.

Website and graphic design professionals understand the importance of colour when building a brand, creating a website or designing a piece of printed collateral. The use of appropriate colours helps your business stand apart from your competitors.

Whether you are a new start-up or an established company looking to refresh your brand identity, here’s some colourful advice from graphic design Fulham based experts Vizability Media Group, to help you understand how different colours can influence customers:

Blue: Dark blue evokes trustworthiness and responsibility and is a colour often favoured by financial institutions or legal entities. A lighter shade of blue reflects calmness and well-being, making it a popular choice for lifestyle and health-inspired brands.

Red: Red is a very powerful colour and can represent love, danger and anger, making it very important to choose the correct hue for your design. A bright, vibrant red can signal edginess and passion, whilst a deeper claret red can be associated with prestige and luxury.

Yellow: This versatile colour is often linked with warmth and optimism. In terms of graphic design, it is an effective accent colour, but used too frequently in design it can be overwhelming and when used in print, can be difficult to read.

Green: Representing growth and nature, green is an often-used colour for businesses with strong ecological ethics. A vivid green can help to energise a design, where a darker shade of green demonstrates a classic, timeless aura.

Vizability Media Group specialises in graphic design and digital printing, helping businesses enhance their brand via a combination of professional web design and digital printing services. For more advice on creating a clear and concise brand identity and website design consumers will love, speak to our team today.

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