Digital media is set to continue to dominate the marketing industry in 2020, so it’s important that your brand has an online presence. This does not, however, mean that you should abandon printed marketing materials. Print marketing still has an important role to play in establishing your business’s branding. Let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t neglect print marketing in 2020.


In order to make your brand visible to customers, it’s important to take advantage of as many platforms as possible. Conquering the online world is one thing, but it has been proven that customers are more likely to respond to a physical marketing campaign than an online one. Make your brand recognisable by establishing your brand identity with printed marketing tools such as flyers and brochures Fulham customers will notice, with unique colours and a font that stands out. Consistency is key with branding, so make sure that your digital printing Fulham-based materials have a common design theme to grab the attention of potential customers.


Being overloaded by spam emails, clickbait and false information has given online customers reason to distrust digital marketing campaigns and be hesitant in taking further action. Due to this, more credibility is given to printed marketing materials as there is less competition, allowing your brand’s message to stand out from the crowd. If you’ve established your brand identity online and your customers notice your brand’s marketing materials in print, this can reinforce their faith in your company as they’ve been reached by multiple platforms.

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