The retail sector has taken a massive hit due to the pandemic and businesses have been leveraging varying strategies to stay in business and comply with the ever-changing lockdown rules. The only effective way for retailers to keep their footfall up is by actively marketing their brand.

Retailers have been making the most out of the convenience and cost-effectiveness associated with social media and email. However, people are getting fed up with digital communication and the concept of print is being revived. In this guide, you’ll learn how the print marketing strategy can drive revenue for shops by as much as 200% and where you’ll find the best printers in Fulham. Before that, it’s important to encourage customers to go on a shopping trip:


How to Encourage Customers to Make a Shopping Trip


Door drops and direct mail to local homes can play a significant role in encouraging customers to go shopping. According to studies, a print material delivered to a household stays there for around ten days. It is seen by multiple individuals and proves far more effective in producing results than a marketing email.

To maximise the impact of your print material, consider personalising it to targeted households. For instance, personalised creative imagery has been shown to lift sales by around 197%, according to a Go Inspire random control test conducted recently.

While there wasn’t a drastic increase in the customer count, the amount spent by the average customer receiving a personalised print material was subject to a strong uplift.

Now that you know how to prompt potential customers to make a shopping trip, let’s find out how print marketing increases footfall to retail locations:


How Print Marketing Drives Footfall at Retail Establishments


There are countless signage solutions out there, the most powerful ones are those that quickly grab the attention of the passerby. Smart retailers leverage a combination of roller banners, banners, and window clings. Some rely on an even more diverse range, adding hanging signs, posters, and floor stickers to the print marketing strategy to direct the flow of customers into their stores.

In the post-pandemic era, another tactic retailers can use to drive footfall is to use print to reassure customers about their safety. When shoppers see that your outlet has the right social distancing protocols and other safety signs in place, they have peace of mind knowing that the shop doesn’t compromise on the safety of people. Not only are they more comfortable entering the shop, but they also end up spending more time in it. At your shop entrance, consider installing posters and signage screens to clarify how you’re keeping your customers safe.




Now that you have a fair idea about how print marketing can cause your revenues to skyrocket, it’s time to get practical. If you’re a retailer looking for a print shop in Fulham that offers high-quality print material, reach out to Vizability Media Group. We’re known for unmatched printing in Fulham aimed at providing one on one unique creative solutions for each client.

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