Creating identities and summing up the interactions they have established and participated in is what you call an online presence. This includes websites, social media accounts and any pages that come up when your audience ‘Googles’ up your business or name.

Whether you have just started a new business or you are already a well-established name in your marketplace, optimising your online presence should be one of your priorities. If you want to create the kind of digital sales force that has the capacity to draw a steady stream of new customers and retain the old ones, here are a few tips.

Customise Your Content for Your Target Audience

Establishing a successful online presence can be difficult if you don’t consider the number of blogs, ads and messages you are competing with. In light of this, it is important to always personalise your content and gain a more competitive edge by speaking to your audience more directly.

This can be as easy as using the name of your audience member in the subject line and greeting for your email marketing, to add a personal touch. Other examples would be to use dynamic content to customise calls-to-action, content blocks or images for different niches and to write specific blog posts for one of your audience personas.

Strategise Email Marketing

There’s no denying that the inbox is still the most direct way to organically reach your audience, which is why email marketing continues to be a great strategy. However, utilising this game plan requires you to ensure that you are doing it the right way.

Always keep in mind the general rule, do not spam. Your readers are more likely to lose interest in the relevance or value of your content if you constantly flood their inboxes on a regular basis. Prevent them from hitting ‘delete’ without even opening your missives by avoiding to over-send.

Invest in Blogging

Another popular and effective form of content marketing activity is blogging. Just remember to always post original content regularly and ensure that you invest in blogs that will generate interest. The key to being more profitable in this category is to always stick with consistency, quality and uniqueness.

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