Ours is a mobile-first era as consumers in London rely more on smartphones than on desktops. Given this environment, responsive website design (RWD) should no longer be optional for brands regardless of the industry. It should be a standard component of your SEO plan in 2019 and beyond.

If you haven’t implemented this for your site yet, you’re missing out on many benefits, such as:

1. Future-proofing for new devices

One of the best things about a responsive site is that it adapts according to the screen and not a specific device. Thus, your website will almost always display correctly and will be able to cater to any new technology that people use to browse the web.

2. Lower maintenance costs

In the past, businesses used to have two separate websites for desktop and mobile users. Now, it’s possible to have just one for all devices, enabling you to retain mobile viewers at a lesser expense. The setup might be pricier in the beginning but maintenance is definitely lower.

3. Enhanced user experience

Traditional web design usually distorts the way your site looks on a mobile. Issues
with image alignment and page, scrolling are typical, but RWD can spare your users from these and make them want to visit time and again thereby boosting your brand image.

4. Boosted social usability

If you’re doing social media marketing across different platforms, you want to ensure that users can easily go from Facebook or Twitter to your website. A responsive design makes it possible for them to access any additional information they may need on the same device.

5. Greater aesthetic appeal

Looks play a huge part in making users stay on your site and eventually avail of your products or services. Otherwise, there’s no point to website design in Fulham or elsewhere in London! RWD ensures that your interface appears as it should to draw in customers.

If you’ve been contemplating how you can take your online marketing to the next level in 2019, start with making your website responsive. Find out how here at the Vizability Media Group. We specialise in RWD along with graphic design and digital printing in Fulham,London. Don’t hesitate to leave us a message by filling out our contact form.